Oh Gosh I’m Tired!

A blog I follow, Chapter Three Travels, wrote a few days ago about how exhausted they were. When I read it I thought, I can totally relate! We knew it would be a bit of a whirlwind getting to Albuquerque because we had added some of the central states that we can’t get to when we leave home mid October. By the time we had reached Tishomingo, Oklahoma we were so happy for three down days, and then we hit Albuquerque.

Our view last night as the sun went down.

We had so much fun, and enjoyed the balloon fiesta immensely but it has taken its toll on us. Hubby is getting a cold and I’m just tired. We have had six days of go, go, go and then at the end of each day I have gone through so many pictures and written my blog, and honestly I got to the point at the balloon fiesta that I couldn’t even come up with words to write.

We had to pull out of our balloon fiesta site yesterday and, since we wanted to visit Santa Fe, we decided to park in a casino parking lot along I-25.

I wish we had parked were this Prevost bus was so that I could have taken a picture of Maxx in the sunset … but Maxx doesn’t have this awesome paint job so it may not have turned out as well 🙂

We left a little later this morning and did a short drive to Home Depot (where we have awesome Wi-Fi) in Gallup, New Mexico. We have a few more one nighters and then we hope to find a spot around Prescott, Arizona so we can chill for a few days … recharge our batteries … sleep … do nothing 🙂 In a week we are meeting up with friends in Sedona, and there will probably be a lot of hiking during our stay, so hubby needs to get rid of his cold … and not by giving it to me!

The last of our Albuquerque sunsets.

Pretty views along I-40 on our drive today.

Until next time …

4 thoughts on “Oh Gosh I’m Tired!

  1. We’ve spent the past week at this beautiful state park in Indiana doing NOTHING, and It’s been awesome. Just what the doctor ordered. Traveling really does wear you down after a while. Glad to hear you guys are gonna be taking a bit of a break and I hope you get some rest.

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