Wind = Mega Fuel Usage :-(

Our drive along I-40 from Oklahoma City to Amarillo, Texas was through fields of cotton, abundant yellow wildflowers, red dirt, and along side the old Route 66.

The road you can see in this picture is part of Route 66.

The only real downfall to the day was the strong winds! A north-westerly wind pushed us all over the road and sucked up fuel, but we made it safely to Amarillo.

Along our drive hubby kept seeing signs about the 72oz steak at the Big Texas Steak House in Amarillo. At one point he noticed a billboard that mentioned it was near the Amarillo Ranch RV Park, so guess where we had to stay tonight! Now I don’t think the 72oz steak was ever in hubby’s plan but the fact that the RV Park provided a free limo ride to the steak house was in his plan.   And seriously we spent so much on fuel why not spend more on an RV Park and dinner out 🙂

We had a great dinner and the food was awesome … way better than last night’s steak dinner in Oklahoma and a lot cheaper! We finished it up with a visit to the hot tub … yes we enjoyed our time in Amarillo, Texas!

Until next time …

8 thoughts on “Wind = Mega Fuel Usage :-(

  1. That steak would last us for 6 meals! ha ha Anything to draw in patrons!
    Sounds like you had a nice stay in Amarillo, Tx. Our only experience there, so far, was in a Welcome Centre on our way home. The threat of tornadoes was all around (March) and we were just a rocking in our Suite. Brought our main slide in and prayed a lot that we’d get the heck out of there safely. and we did. 🙂

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