A Turn For The West

Okay I thought that was a funny title, hubby not so much 🙂  After a few weeks of heading east and south we have finally turned west and are beginning to make our way towards Albuquerque, NM.

Since we have gained a little time we decided a three-day stop in Tishomingo, OK was just what we needed to recharge our batteries. Plus there are those pesky chores that need to be done, housework and laundry. Why Tishomingo? Well it gives me three days to try and see Blake Shelton around town, but honestly the real reason is we are in a really nice community park with full hook-up for $15.00 a night. We are right in the middle of town so we can walk or ride everywhere and the weather is perfect, warm and sunny … what’s not to like!

The view from our campsite

Today is the end of the week long Annual Meeting and Festival for the Chickasaw Nation so it is busy in this little town. For that reason we decided to get the chores out of the way today and wander around town tomorrow, but we did take a break to go and watch the parade.

Just a few of the locals 🙂

A sign of the times ☹


A very pretty little town with lots of park space.

Until next time …

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