Another Beer Tour And On To Nebraska!

Somehow when we were driving back to the RV Park on Saturday the truck veered and we ended up at the Coors Factory … that’s a really nice way of saying hubby had had enough tea and wanted beer!

We arrived in the tour parking lot at 3:45 and were told that as long as we were in line for the bus by 4:00 pm we would we be able to get on a tour.

Tour parking lot on the right, back of the factory on the left

By 4:00 we were settled on the bus and on our way to the factory. The neat thing about this tour is you a get a little bus tour of Golden before your factory tour.  I took in so much information that day that I don’t remember most of what we were shown on our drive around Golden but I do remember that they have a city ordinance that says you can not smoke or vape in public in the City of Golden … way to go Golden!

At the factory we departed the bus, entered the factory, had our picture taken (so they could sell it back to us at the end … nope!), showed our ID, got our tasting wrist bands, picked up our audio tour box and we were on our way.

Kettle at the front of the factory.

There are different stops along the way were you can listen to an explanation on your audio box and see the factory floor.  We learned that Coors is the worlds largest single site brewery in the US and at full capacity they bottle 3.2 million six packs of beer a day.

Each one of these kettles contains 30,000 six packs

The filtering room.


Of course the best part of the tour is the tasting room and hands down this was the best one we have been in. With your wristband you get three tastings and Blue Moon is on tap since it is part of Molson Coors.

We each try a different beer but we went back to Blue Moon for our next two since neither of us is a Coors fan.

I’m sorry the picture is fuzzy but I wanted to show the size of the sample beers they gave out. And in my defense this was the first sample and I did take the above pictures of the front of the factory after this picture so I don’t think it’s the beer! … And yes K&K I see a Yaak and Back comment coming, we so wish you were with us!

If you are a Blue Moon fan this is probably the better tour to take because you are actually getting a tour of the factory as opposed to looking at displays. Plus you get free tastings and at the Blue Moon factory you sit in their restaurant and pay for flights, but you do get to taste many more varieties of Blue Moon Beer. Of course if you are a real fan like hubby you have to do both!

This morning we said goodbye to Denver and area and headed into Nebraska. There wasn’t much for scenery; most of the drive from Colorado to the Nebraska state line was through dry grasses and sagebrush.

The drive along I-76 through northeastern Colorado was that constant bump, bump, bump … almost as bad as I-15 from Temecula, CA to San Diego, CA 😦

Fortunately as soon as we hit the Nebraska state line both the road and the scenery improved. So far Nebraska is one pretty state!

Until next time …

2 thoughts on “Another Beer Tour And On To Nebraska!

  1. Hahaha, I was definitely thinking of the Yak and Back trip! Wish we were with you too, would have loved to do lunch on the lawn then gone for tour # 2, or 3 …. and we both vote with hubby that the Coors tour is waaaay more fun than tea!

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