Blue Moon Brewery, Denver CO

Yesterday we made a visit to the brewery of hubby’s favorite beer, Blue Moon in the US and Belgian Moon in Canada.

Downtown Denver … sis I was taking this picture when you called me back, sorry I missed your call 🙂

Blue Moon Brewery started brewing at the beginning of the 1995 baseball season at The SandLot Brewery in Coors Field, where they focused on brewing craft beer for fans. By the middle of their first season their roster of beers was ready to start pouring and included Slugger Stout, Rightfield Red, and the fan favorite, Bellyslide Wit.

A blue moon hangs over the glasses behind the bar ☺

As the baseball season continued they would keep hearing the same thing from fans, “Give me the Bellyslide” and they knew they had a special beer. They then realized they needed a name that could live outside the baseball stadium. One day, a group of staff was sitting around tasting beers when one of the admin staff called out “You know, a beer that tastes this good only comes around once in a blue moon”. With that phrase ringing in their ears the Blue Moon Brewing Company was born and Bellyslide became Blue Moon Belgian White.

The first thing we noticed when hubby ordered his first Blue Moon Belgian White many years ago in Omak, WA was the orange garnish. According to the brewery when they first started distributing the Belgium White across the country they noticed lemons, lot’s of them. The lemons were hanging off the sides of the glass, which is a common practice for traditional Belgian Wits that are tart, but Blue Moon Belgian White is slightly sweet. After a little thinking the brew master suggested garnishing the beer with an orange slice to heighten the citrus aroma and taste from the Valencia orange peel used to brew the beer.

They had the cleanest washrooms I have ever seen and the décor was neat!

From 1995 to 2005, the brew master and crew hit the road going from bar to bar, store to store, telling the story of the brewing company and their Belgian White. In 1997 they began dropping of bags of oranges to garnish the beers at the bars, but a funny thing happened … the brew master started getting calls from bar owners who had run out of oranges. The owners told him how people loved the beer garnished with an orange slice, but bars didn’t stock oranges as a drink garnish so would he please deliver more oranges!

We enjoyed a great lunch and a flight of tasty beer, the mango moon was the best, and then we took the self guided tour which was very interesting.As we walked back to the truck in the parking lot we were swarmed with butterflies, I think they were attracted to the lavender bordering the lot. After lunch we headed up to Red Rock Amphitheater to walk around but there was an event going on and we were only able to take a quick walk around the parking lot before we were encouraged to move on.Our oldest grandson loves Sunflowers so I had to get pictures of these wild sunflowers for him.

Until next time …

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