Into Montana

Before we left home hubby did some research and decided that our best route from Sandpoint, ID to Butte, MT was to take Highway 200 into Missoula and then join up with I-90. Highway 200, a two-lane highway, follows a valley along the river and rail tracks and has light traffic and pretty scenery. Taking this route allowed us to avoid a high pass west of Missoula on I-90.As we entered Montana the road continued to provide little traffic and great scenery. The only other concern we had with taking this route was forest fires, but other than a deserted fire camp we didn’t see any signs of fire so that was good. But all that good stuff came to an abrupt stop two miles east of Missoula 😦  All of the sudden I heard hubby say some not so nice words and then he quickly pulled over to the side of I-90, all we could see was smoke billowing out the rear drivers side of Maxx.

On closer inspection hubby found that a bearing had let go on the rear driver side tire and shot the tire out damaging Maxx as it went.  Once that happen a frame piece dropped down on the front tire destroying it.

A Good Samaritan picked up our tire and brake drum assembly, he then continued to drive along I-90 until he found us … we couldn’t be more grateful!  Other than missing it’s center cap the tire is fine which is awesome because it was a brand new tire that had just been replaced last week!

Fortunately we travel with safety triangles and safety vests so we don the vests and put out the triangles. I called Good Sam Roadside Assistance while hubby tried to wave traffic over; we definitely were not in a good location.Good Sam said they would get someone out to help us but in the meantime told us to call highway patrol which hubby did.

Now I wish it was easy after that but it took highway patrol an hour and a half, and two phone calls, to show up but they did finally send Fish and Game out (they arrived about ten minutes before Highway Patrol). It was great to finally have some flashing lights and people were moving over, but once Highway Patrol arrived they said we were fine without them!  We were inside the white line (by a fraction) and we had our safety triangles up so we had done everything right. We were told to stay on the other side of the guardrail until the tow truck came and we would be fine!

Good Sam also called around that time and said someone should be out soon to help us. Two hours after our initial call for help Timberline Truck and Trailer showed up and we honestly can’t say enough about how great RW was! He took a look at the damage and said we would need a tow truck so he could get Maxx into his shop and put in a new rear axel. Forty-five minutes later Iron Horse towing arrived with a flat deck truck to tow both the truck and Maxx to the shop. Again we can’t say enough about the tow truck operator either. It took the two guys and hubby to get Maxx fixed up enough to drive him on to the flat deck and that all happened with traffic flying by at 70 to 80 miles an hour! I was doing my best to try and get traffic to move into the other lane but it was scary, I sure feel for tow truck drivers and emergency vehicles …. FOR HEAVEN SAKES PEOPLE SLOW DOWN AND PULL OVER!Finally we were all loaded and headed back to Timberline were they had told us we could spend the night and they would fix Maxx in the morning.

While I felt Good Sam Roadside Assistance took a long time getting help to us, they honestly could not have sent better help and Iron Horse towing said they had received the $600.00 payment for towing before he even got back to the shop with Maxx!
Hopefully everything goes smoothly today and we are back on the road soon.

Just because I can’t bear to end this blog on a crappy note I will leave you with a picture of the pretty wildflowers along the side of the road where we broke down.And that promise I made to stop drinking, yup that went out the window again last night, I definitely deserved the glass of wine I had before bed!

Until next time …

20 thoughts on “Into Montana

  1. I feel your pain … it’s so scary and stressful being stuck on the side of the road with traffic speeding by. Glad you were towed safely and found good people to help. Remember – you’re ‘living the dream’ 😏

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  2. Holy crap! So glad it wasn’t worse and you guys are okay and Maxx made it through. We have been happy with Good Sam’S service he only tI’m we had to call them. Looking forward to our time at The Pint House. Maybe you have started drinking again (big grin).

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  3. Oh my, I am so very sorry that you have had to endure this but like you say it does happen. Happened to us three times, once way south of Acapulco. I can totally relate to the fright of being on the side of the road and traffic roaring past, your entire rig shudders. I don’t understand why drivers don’t slow down even a bit while they pass.

    As for that glass of wine, I might have had at least half of the bottle no matter how tired I was. Fingers crossed that the repairs go smoothly.

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    • Thanks Contessa. Never having RVed in Mexico I can only think that might have been worse than the states … but 3 times! I don’t want to hear that!!! I read your blog this morning, I sure hope your computer problems end soon!


      • I don’t even want to recall the memories. Just to say that one time we were pinned against the guard rail when the front driver tire blew and could not get out of the RV. Scary.

        Today I am using my old computer which is half dead but it allows me to reply to you which I couldn’t with the new desktop before it died.

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      • Yes those are memories best left in the vault, that would have been terrifying! I could just barely get out the passenger side but at least I was able to get out.


  4. Wow. I was thoroughly enjoying the lovely pictures at the top of the post and then it all went downhill. Sorry you had to go through this, but glad to hear you eventually got some good help. We also signed up with Good Sam Roadside Assistance. Hopefully we’ll never need it, but I am pretty sure something will break at some point and we won’t want to be stranded. Hope everything can be fixed pretty quick and you can get back on the road!

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    • Funny that’s kind of how my day went yesterday, just like your reading of the blog 😊. We are back on the road now so all is good. I hope you never have to use them but I honestly can’t say enough good things about Good Sam!

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  5. Holy cow. I was awestruck by the photos and then I was like “oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooo”. It sounds like it happened in the best way it could since no one got hurt and there’s no major damage to anything except a bank account. As far as that wine goes, it still counts as one if you drink from the bottle. Just saying….

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