An Easy Border Crossing

We woke up to a beautiful fall day with bright blue sky, I really wish we had this weather yesterday!

Farewell Niece, thanks for a great visit. ☺

After an hour and a half we arrived at the US Border. This was our first time crossing at the Border on Highway 6 and it was a little different from crossing at our usual place in Osoyoos, B.C. Unlike our usual crossing this crossing was a very small station with no tourist facilities (such as duty free). We were asked the usual questions, other than an added question about prescription drugs, which we were able to say no to, and surprisingly we were not asked about fruit or produce. Once we had answered the questions the agent asked for the keys to Maxx, which was also new to us, usually they ask us to open all the slides and check the fridge during the agriculture inspection. This time the agent opened the door and stuck her head in, that was it, and we were sent on our way … easy peasy 🙂

We saw wild turkeys and deer along our travels.

We arrived in Sandpoint, Idaho a few hours later and went to set up at Sandy Point Recreation Area which, according to their website, was supposed to be open until Tuesday but when we arrived it was closed! Hubby was able to speak to someone who worked at the park and he was completely useless! When hubby mentioned the website said they were open until Tuesday his response was “I don’t work for the internet”! How is that for customer service 😦

After that episode we decide to go back to our tried and true and set up at Walmart, which really worked out better because it was closer to town and free, but we had to give up an evening on the lake.

How is this for a Walmart view!

We got set up, did some grocery shopping and then set out to revisit Sandpoint. The last time we were in Sandpoint was twenty-five years ago with our three children and both hubby and I thought it was awesome, I’m pretty sure our children don’t even remember the visit 🙂 Our drive through town this time was a little disappointing, the town just doesn’t have the vibe it did twenty-five years ago 😦  After touring around and a stop at the Visitor Info Booth, which was closed, hubby suggested we make a stop at Mick Duffs Brewing Company and try out some craft beers … he seems to forgotten my solemn promise as we crossed the border to stop drinking, eat properly and loose some weight … actually I guess I quickly forgot that promise as well!!!

Anyway it was a good stop and we enjoyed some excellent craft beers. I fell in love with the Red, White, and Sour which is an Ale aged in a Chardonnay cask …

Hubby likes the Mercia Wheat beer ….

And I also fell in love with the Huckleberry Blonde, which is blonde ale with huckleberry puree added when they pour the glass.

This was a fun craft brewery because it had the added bonus of being a BYOF … which means bring your own food, how cool is that! We didn’t bring any food but a large table arrived shortly after us with six pizza boxes and settled in for a dinner with beer.

After our time at Mick Duff’s we tried to head down to the lake for a walk, but despite several attempts due to road construction we were unable to get there. We finally gave up and headed back to Maxx for dinner.

The Pend Oreille River

Sunset over Lake Pend Oreille

I will leave you with what I though was a pretty cool thing about Sanpoint, ID … they have a bus service called The Spot and it is free, anywhere in the city, now that is pretty cool!

Until next time …

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