A Great Hike!

If you have been following my blog for a while you will know I am deathly afraid of the squiggly things that come out in the heat. For that reason I stop hiking in the summer because the Okanagan is a popular home for the RattleS squiggly thing … okay now I am totally creeped out and can’t keep my feet on the floor so let’s move on 🙂

Yesterday we took our first hike since the spring with our niece who recently moved to Castlegar, B.C. to take on her first job out of university.

It was definitely more of a challenging hike than we should have done to get back into the swing of things but the view and the company made it totally worth it!

The Brilliant Overlook Trail climbs up for 2.5 kilometres, with switchbacks crossing rockslides and follows along the cliff ridges. There are a few benches, hand rope rails, and a cliff side foot bridge which help out along the trail but honestly this is not an easy hike. We hiked up to the lower and upper viewpoints, which overlook the Kooteny River, the city of Castlegar and Brilliant Dam.

The trail started off easy …

Our hike started off with blue sky but it did cloud over by the we got to the top.

And it was lined with pretty thistles …

The sky was blue and the scenery was very pretty …

It’s hard to tell from this picture but the trail began its upward climb …

As we got higher we started to see some of the amazing views …

We climbed through a large area of shale rock where I was so busy trying to get over the rocks and not twist my ankle that I forgot to get a picture. In the picture below you can see the tail end of the really rocky area …

And then finally we hit what I thought was the end of the steep climb so we sat down on a bench, had a little rest, and enjoyed the view …

But I was fooled and as soon as we got around the next corner we began to climb up again over rock and through a narrow trail, and once again I was to busy staying alive to take pictures J Finally we reached the top of that climb and enjoyed some nice hiking trails that gently went up and down.


We finally came to the first look out and the view was so good that I became inspired to see the next lookout, which of course meant more uphill!

Can you see the path here? I couldn’t so it was a good thing our niece had done the trail before!

We did come across some wildlife; we saw a snail and this caterpillar 🙂

I had a good friend that was as terrified of caterpillars as I am of “large worms”, I hope this picture doesn’t scare anyone!

A sign told us we were almost at the top …

And then we came out at the top and all I can say is WOW what a view!


It took us a little over two hours to get to the top and just over one hour to hike back down. The hike down had some challenges as well especially the rocky part near the bottom, but we made it safely!

Looking at the pictures now I think we must have been up the mountain for a long time because apparently fall came while we were up there!

I can’t believe how much more like fall these pictures looked compared to the first picture on the blog when we started our hike.

As we approached the truck my niece pointed out where we had been … thank goodness she didn’t tell me that at the start … I probably wouldn’t have got out of the truck!

Sure wish I hadn’t forgot my Fitbit at home 🙂

Although it was tough hike it was totally worth it and we had a great time. Of course we had to follow up with a stop at the pub for dinner and some great craft beer and conversation 🙂

Until next time …

9 thoughts on “A Great Hike!

  1. Wow, brave you! That is an amazing hike! Good you for both! It sure looks worth it.
    That black caterpillar is sure different than mine and in my understanding means a harsh snow with a fair bit of snow. Sorry! But that is why you go south, right? 🙂 It is all wives’s tales anyway.


  2. Wow Sis, I can’t believe you did that!! Good for you and hubs!

    My suggestion to my daughter when she was planning your hike was a leisurely walk around Millenial Park 🙂 Silly me – what was I thinking…!

    Glad the beer was good – you deserved it!!

    Liked by 1 person

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