This and That :-)

I hadn’t planned on writing a blog today but a few things have been tossing around in my head and all of the sudden a blog post was born.

First of all, thanks for all the comments on yesterday’s blog, The Written Word. While I appreciated what everyone had to say I think Rod of Six Saturdays and a Sunday summed it up the best for me. He said “My excuse is that I write the way people talk today” and I realized that was exactly it, I write my blog the way I talk to my friends and I consider you all my friends 🙂

Last week we enjoyed happy hour with Rod and Sylvia of Six Saturdays and a Sunday and Navigator and Chauffeur of Driving Miss Murphy and had so much fun that I completely forgot to take pictures.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon with Driving Miss Murphy on their boat. We cruised over to Raymer Bay, not far from our campground, and enjoyed some time swimming in the lake. We then cruised back to their slip at the Kelowna Yacht club where we enjoyed homemade burgers, salad and drinks while watching a beautiful sunset.

During my morning walk today I noticed a Blue Heron enjoying the calm waters of Okanagan Lake. Two young children on their bikes joined me and the three of us watched the Blue Heron for a long time before I finally pulled myself away and continued on my walk.

 Until next time …


6 thoughts on “This and That :-)

  1. That sounds like a fun happy hour. One day more of us bloggers who live in the Okanagan should get together.

    I believe that that might be a heron rather than a crane.

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    • You may be right about the crane being a heron. And we should definitely have an Okanagan bloggerfest. I did put it out there in the spring but other than the three of us who got together on Wednesday I didn’t get any other interest. Perhaps we could do one in September.


      • Between being evacuated, putting things back together after we were back and head to Venice we were busy and I had little time to read blogs. Just catching up on yours today since the beginning of April. Hopefully things will settle down now.

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  2. So, they still own their boat? That was a great time, wasn’t it. You and Contessa are correct, we should definitely have another get together. And, as far as the English language goes, I know how to butcher it as well as anyone.

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