The Written Word

During my thirty plus years working for the Federal Government written communication played an important role in my job. From employee evaluations to multi million dollar contracts grammar, spelling, and sentence structure where important..

There are really no pictures that tie into this blog so I have added a few shots I have taken during my morning walks.

So here I am this morning, sitting up in bed drinking my coffee while hubby sleeps soundly beside me, reading past blogs and wondering what on earth happen to my written communication skills! I can still pull them out when I need to, but obviously I haven’t felt the need with my blog. From run on sentences to ones starting with But and And, from slang to very little punctuation, my blog writing is in a sad state.


I was thinking I better pull up my socks, but after a few more sips of coffee I thought, maybe this is just the retired me. Part of the enjoyment for me in writing my blog is to just throw my thoughts down on paper and add pictures that I really like. So folks this is how it’s going to be and I’m guessing if you are still following along you are okay with that, so thank you for accepting the retired me 🙂

Until next time …


7 thoughts on “The Written Word

  1. I’m like you and have always been a fanatic about grammar and spelling. Beginning a sentence with a conjunction or preposition and all those other things I don’t remember has become my new language as well. I accept your minor foibles if you accept mine! Spelling errors are more irritating for me and I have to grit my teeth when I miss one when proofreading. Published materials, in my opinion, should not be printed with spelling mistakes. welcome to the Revised Retiree Rules. 🙂 You are not alone!

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  2. Even if you have a serious project to do you don’t have rush through it like you would have during your working career. You can examine each stage of it before carrying on. You don’t have to accomplish it in a single day as a fact you might have more then one project going at once. When it’s all finished you will still be able to admire it with a sense of satisfaction.
    Isn’t Retired Life Great.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

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  3. Communication via written word was never my best skill (ask my English teachers and Profs) so I am glad I have Sylvia to proofread my stuff. My excuse is that I write the way people talk today, and I am sticking with that.

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  4. I like your explanation of it being the retired you. I recently read some of my earlier posts and found myself lacking in my current way of writing. But it is what it is. Better a post than no post.

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