A Mystery Solved!

On my early morning walks I pass a really pretty wildflower, but every time I take hubby by later in the morning to show him the flower, the flowers are gone and all that remains is the stem.

This is what hubby sees when I show him the plant … he’s not overly impressed!

Hubby was convinced that I am either seeing things or someone is cutting off the flowers every day. But I know I’m not seeing things and the stems are still there so nobody is cutting off the flowers. I finally took my camera and got a picture of the flowers.


This is what I see when I walk between 7:00 and 8:00 … and I am impressed!

The plant was so interesting that I finally sat down this morning and searched the Internet to find out what it was. It turns out it is a chicory plant, and chicory only blooms as the sun comes up and usually closes midday when the sun is the strongest. But of course we live in the Okanagan Valley where the sun is strong much earlier in the day, so by 9:30 the blooms are closed and hubby misses them!

Legend suggests a maiden turned away from the Sun’s advances so he turned her into a chicory flower that need the Sun to live but faded in it’s mighty light 🙂

Now hubby was sort of right about someone cutting the flowers everyday. While nobody is cutting the flowers off daily, each chicory bloom only opens once and then dies. The stem constantly sprouts new flowers, which is why it always looks so pretty when I walk by.

So on that note, I better get dressed and out for my walk so I can visit with my favourite chicory plant.

 Until next time …


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