Classic Car Parade

Around dinnertime today we were treated to a Classic Car Parade. Seven cars came into the park and drove around all three loops then down to the day use area for a picnic. I have no idea what make or year these cars are so if you know please feel free to comment; I would be interested to know the details.


They were greeted by lot’s of people clapping but unfortunately several of them thought they should beep their classic horns and that noise set off a lot of dogs! I felt sorry for one of the campers who had just got their newborn baby to sleep and then the cars went by beeping their horns and woke her up … now he is out pacing around the grassy area trying to get her back to sleep 😦

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7 thoughts on “Classic Car Parade

  1. Well, Maxx, Carl was excited to see your posting with the car pictures. He loves old cars and drags me from time to time to see car shows. He isn’t certain about all the makes and models, but here is his best guess.
    1. 1933 Ford 5 window coupe
    2. Oldsmobile?
    3. 1953 Chev Bel aire
    4. Late 1920’s (? 1924)
    5. 1946 Dodge
    6. 1955 Ford Fairlane
    7. 1958 GMC
    He wants to know if he wins a prize for the right answers!
    Cheers. Enjoy the sunshine!

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  2. My Guesses!

    #1 1931 Dodge
    #2 75/76 Oldsmobile
    #3 1953 Chevrolet
    #4 28/29 Ford “model A”
    #5 1941 Pontiac. Maybe Strato Chief?
    #6 55/56 Ford. Something about it that throws me off. Kinda looks like a crown vic but convertible? Not sure they made a convert.

    #7 Definitely a 1957 GMC pick up.

    Beer ?????? For me?


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