Flood Repair

Well the waters in Okanagan Lake are receding and last week the five sites that had been closed due to flooding where reopened. Since these are prime sites a lot of people with reservations where very happy to have the sites reopened. There was a lot of work by park staff that went into preparing the sites for campers.

The picture below was taken on May 6th when the ground water started to rise around sites 105 and 106 but campers could still use the site.

On May 29th good friends of ours arrived to spend three nights in site 107, they were so pleased when they had been able to reserve that site as it is right on the lake and has a private beach. Little did they know that the lake would rise and the beach would be gone, but they did still have a little break in the foliage where they could fit two chairs at the waters edge. Over the three days they were there the lake continued to rise at the back of their site and the ground water began to rise at the front of their site. The day they left the site was closed due to high water levels.

Waving goodbye and just getting out before water took over their site!

The campers in site 105-106 also left that day and then those sites where closed.

Over the next few days the water continued to rise and soon the sites where completely covered in water and only the ducks where enjoying the views.


Finally, on July 4th, the water had receded enough that work could begin to repair the sites. Equipment was required to move the excess dirt around and re-level the sites, as well as move all the logs and debris that had floated in … and of course hubby had to get in and help, he just can’t help himself 🙂


And then the stone slinger arrived and that was pretty cool to watch!


After a lot of work the sites where ready to re-open, and none to soon as people immediately moved into them!

Of course now none of the campsites need their fire rings because we have a province wide campfire ban which is necessary as fire fighters battle the many forest fires across the province. My prayers are with all of my friends in the 100 Mile House area, where I used to live, who are now evacuated. From flood to fire there is never a dull moment in British Columbia!

Until next time …


7 thoughts on “Flood Repair

  1. Wow. I’m actually surprised we haven’t run into this more often. With all the spring rain we got on the east coast, I would have expected more flooded campgrounds since so many of them are built near lakes. I can only think of one that had large sections closed due to flood damage, and that was from a flood several years before. In any case, I’m glad things have improved for you all. it really is a gorgeous campground.

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