Canada Day … The Aftermath!

Hubby and I had a busy day yesterday! We helped out with the Bear Creek Canada Day Parade, which started with us walking around to all of the 122 sites and letting them know about the parade. That effort resulted in such a great turnout that we had to run out midway in the decorating party to get more supplies. Once all the bikes, skateboards, scooters, kids, strollers, etc. were decorated the parade started and I’m sure we had around a hundred kids plus many parents walking the parade.

Once the parade was over I helped hubby prepare the amphitheater for the first ever movie night, thanks to a camper who wanted to show The Goonies for his kids.

When our children were growing up, and we came out to the campsite during the summer, they loved attending the Jerry Ranger show that was held at the amphitheater. A local naturalist, Scott Alexander, would entertain children and adults with lessons on stars, plants, local animals, and other such topics. Once the children had attended a certain number of shows (I can’t remember how many they needed) they were inducted as Jerry Rangers. Unfortunately that program is no longer held in the park so the amphitheater is not used as much. Once hubby had the screen open we cleared off the cobwebs and he ensured the power was working and everything was ready for movie night.

Now hubby, being the data and sound guru that he is, has wanted to put on a movie night here since we first arrived. For the last four years hubby has been talking about buying a projector so that we can have movie night in the desert but I have to admit I haven’t been overly supportive, and even when he mentioned that he could use it for movie night at the park I wasn’t running to the store. But I think I have to admit I may have been wrong! Last nights show was such a success, and so much fun, that I could see sitting under the stars in the desert enjoying a movie.

Just before the movie started.

Near the end, there were a lot more people but many younger children had headed home to bed by the time I took this picture.

When the movie was over everyone stood up and clapped … I think hubby was right this should be a weekly event!

Tonight we are having friends over for dinner so I better get busy and start prepping the meal!

Until next time …


3 thoughts on “Canada Day … The Aftermath!

  1. You’ve both been keeping yourselves busy this Canada Weekend and by the looks of it for the remainder of the Summer. If word gets out about Weekend Movie Nights that park could see an Increase of Families Camping for the Summer.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

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  2. Glad your Canada Day went well, looks like it was well enjoyed by all campers. Movie night is a great idea but maybe keep it special, once or twice a month or the novelty might wear thin. Only time will tell! Your hubby had a great idea. (that can be OUR little secret!)

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