Flood to Fire

You have no doubt read in previous blogs about the flooding we are experiencing in the Okanagan Valley but yesterday we branched into forest fire season with no break! We were running errands in Kelowna when a friend sent me a text about a fire on the west side of the lake that looked like it was close to the campground. We quickly finished our running around and headed back to make sure Maxx was safe. There was a forest fire in the hills near the campground but fortunately local fire departments and the forestry department were on it quickly! While we worked away in the service yard doing some painting, the water bombers flew overhead and dump loads of water on the fire and soon had it under control. Another friend of our works for BC Ambulance and was posted at the marshaling ground so we were getting current updates on things were progressing … it is great to have friends who are looking out for us 🙂

The water level in the lake is slowly dropping and hopefully the worst of the flooding is over. Despite the lake taking over the beaches the campsite is still very pretty with lots of great views.

The Bridal Veil is in full bloom.

The ducks are still enjoying the lake!

I managed to get a few more pictures of pink flowers, for our new granddaughter’s room, by visiting a local nursery.

Actually this picture came from our daughters house … the rest are from a walk through The Greenery in Kelowna.

     I’m really glad our daughter-in-law asked me to do this because I had a chance to learn a new feature on my camera … I’m pretty sure there will be more of these types of pictures in your future if you keep reading my blog 🙂

Until next time …

7 thoughts on “Flood to Fire

  1. Hope the fires remain under control, that is scary. First floods then fire. 😦
    Lovely pink pictures. I think you might be referring to the Depth of Field for your pictures? I’m learning that too with my Canon.

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