Escapees Lunch

 If you have been reading my blog since Christmas you may remember that our son and daughter-in-law gave us a membership to the Escapees for Christmas. We haven’t done a lot with the membership but we did join the Boondockers chapter in Ajo, Arizona for happy hour one afternoon in late February.

The main reason we were interested in the membership was to find more boondocking places and have the opportunity to join other people in some of those locations. The other thing we were interested in was getting to know the people in the Okanagan chapter of Escapees and yesterday we had that chance.

On the second Tuesday of every month the Okanagan chapter meets at the Grand 88 Buffett for lunch so we joined them this month. They were a very friendly group of people and we had a great time. We also learned they are holding two rally’s, one at the end of this month and the other one just after the September long weekend. Unfortunately, due to our commitment as camp hosts, we won’t be able to attend the rally’s 😦

We did pick up information on some new to us RV Parks, one of which is an Escapees Park where we get a cheap rate. We are looking forward to checking that park out this winter and we also hope to join up with the boondockers as well during the winter.

Time will tell whether or not we want to renew our membership but we really appreciate the gift and the opportunity to check out the club 🙂 

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3 thoughts on “Escapees Lunch

  1. We’ve been members since 2010. Even though we will never use Rainbows End we do benefit in other ways. Many Campgrounds and RV Parts distributors give lower rates to Escapees Members. Anyone can stay at Escapees Parks but being a member cuts the cost considerably. Staying there only a week we saved us more then the cost of our three year membership. If you can attend any of their Rallies they have plenty of Seminars that are filled with information that even seasoned RVers can learn from.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

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  2. Welcome to Chapter 33! We have lots of fun, here and meeting up in the south. Sorry we will miss you in Clearwater, but come out to the next Vernon lunch if you can. Cheers!
    Kim ( incoming pres.) and Don ( wagonmaster)

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