Bear Creek Canyon Trail

The weather held out long enough Monday morning for us to hike up Bear Creek Canyon. We have tried a few times to make the hike this year but so far the weather has not cooperated, other than on the weekends and it’s just to busy then.

Bear Creek Canyon trail has three loops that begin in the parking lot at the base of the canyon. A quick fifteen-minute loop takes you over a footbridge across Bear Creek and then back to the parking lot.

The Saskatoon bushes are all in bloom.

The Mid Canyon trail is 1.4km and provides excellent views of the canyon and waterfalls.

The trails are lined with Okanagan Sunflowers.

Today we took the longest trail, 2.5km. This is a more demanding hike offering spectacular views of the creek and the surrounding area. There are several areas with steep climbs and two areas with many stairs, the longest one has 149 stairs and the other one has 79 stairs. There are many viewpoints along the trail and at one end a bench where you can sit and enjoy the view of Okanagan Lake and Kelowna.

We watched the osprey nest at the top of the tree until we realized mommy osprey wasn’t going to return until we moved on.

We reached the bench but it was full so we moved on.

The waterfalls are pretty spectacular because of all the rain and melting snow.

And we saw our first Indian Paintbrush of the year.


It’s still pretty green along parts of the trail and you can see evidence of last year’s forest fire.

About half way along the trail makes it way down to the canyon floor and a footbridge crosses over the creek.

As we climbed back up the canyon we began to get raindrops but it didn’t spoil the hike … but we did speed up a little because I had left the pamphlet rack uncovered back at the campsite 😦


Soon Kelowna came into view on the other side of Okanagan Lake.

We took a slight detour up a hill to get a picture of the campground, although all you can see are the trees but take my word for it; it is a really pretty place!

With one last look at the creek we head back to Maxx.

Just as we walked back into the campground the rain really started to come down, so I would say we timed it perfectly 🙂 

Until next time …


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