Life Goes On :-)

Well the water is subsiding and hopefully all those Kelowna residents that were evacuated are able to go home soon.

Sunday’s are a quiet day at the park because most people head home but a lucky few were able to stay and enjoy the sun and warmth.

It is easy to tell the water in the creek is going down because the picnic table is becoming more visible 🙂

Even the level of Okanagan Lake rose considerably over the last few days, which is no easy feat considering it’s surface area is 351 km², … that’s a lot of water that has come in from creeks and rivers!

Picture taken yesterday

Picture taken the previous Tuesday

The ducks are enjoying themselves, the other day they were trying to swim in the raging waters of the creek.

A young visitor to the park presented us with a craft they had done over the weekend. It is very nicely done and now holds a place of prominence on our pamphlet rack.

When I have the pamphlet rack painted and fully stocked I will post a picture of the whole thing … that’s this weeks project 🙂

Until next time …


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