The heavy rains, thunder, and lightning, continued throughout the day making the creek rise considerably! Before we even began our walk around the campground yesterday morning we had questions from those people camped along the creek.

Our first sign of how things were going was when we walked down by the beach and noticed all the dark “chocolate milk” water entering the lake from the creek.

The mouth of Lambley Creek is on the right behind the tree.

As soon as we walked down along the creek we could see the Park Managers had taped off the banks and were beginning to ask people to move out of the creek side sites.

You can see a definite line between the blue water of Okanagan Lake and the brown water and debris flowing out of Lambley Creek!

Fortunately the campsite on the other side is in the loop that is still closed for the season.

Trees were being pulled into the creek and had begun starting a bit of damn effect.

This is the part of the creek the woman wanted to walk through the other day so that she could get out of the park early! Good thing hubby showed her that the gate would open enough for people to get through.

I have been taking pictures of the creek everyday since we arrived and it is definitely higher and flowing faster than when we first arrived!

The creek the day we arrived almost three weeks ago.

Picture from Thursday.

The creek yesterday morning.

Before lunch we started to take a hike up the trails towards the falls, the creek was flowing quickly and the water levels are much higher than they were.


We climbed the 149 steps …

And started to enjoy the views, especially the Okanagan sunflowers.


But before we got any further the rain started up and the downpour forced us back to Maxx … I didn’t want my camera to get wet!

So tucked all warm and toasty inside Maxx we watched some TV until we lost power briefly, but fortunately the inverter kicked in and it was business as usual 🙂

View out of Maxx’s window.

Throughout the day we managed to get out for a few more walks around the campsite but we came back wet every time.

Fintry Provincial Park, which is 28 km up the road from Bear Creek Provincial Park, had been evacuated early Friday morning due to the high water level in Short’s Creek which runs through the area. The Park Managers of Bear Creek Provincial Park monitored the creek all day, but fortunately, other than having to close off the sites along the river for safety, the campground did not need to be evacuated.

The weather is calling for sunny, warm days with no chance of rain for the next three to four days, which is nice for the campers, but the warm weather will cause the snow pack to melt, and that means the water level in the creek may get higher.

And in case you were wondering how the tenters survived the rain the other night, they seemed to be okay and didn’t pack up and leave, even though rained all day 🙂 

Until next time …


3 thoughts on “Evacuation?

  1. Glad you and the tenters survived the rain. Being experienced campers they were well aware of how and where to set up camp. They had probably made certain their tent was Waterproofed again lately.
    When water levels rise especially in the spring it is always wise to stand back and stay clear.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

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