The Downside of our Campsite

While we are already set up in the Park Host site we have yet to begin our duties.

Although we have been asked a few questions, which we were able to answer, and had a knock at the door last night at 9:30 p.m. but that issue was also quickly resolved 🙂

If I had to find a downside, and really I don’t but what else am I going to blog about, it would be the cottonwood trees surrounding our site. These trees drop sticky bud capsules when they begin to get leaves and they are making a real mess!

I have to scrape my flip flops every time we go for a walk and we definitely don’t wear our shoes inside!

Fortunately they seem to be slowing down and with sweeping the outdoor mat a dozen times a day, raking our site almost as many times a day, and leaving our shoes outside we have managed to keep Maxx unsticky inside :-). Hubby also sweeps the roof off several times a day because we really don’t want those pods stuck to our roof!

The outside shell is the sticky material surrounding the leaf buds.

Most of the leaves have shed their bud capsule so hopefully this problem will soon be gone ☺

Tomorrow we will get briefed on our official duties so stay tuned.

Until next time …


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