New Digs :-)

We are very fortunate to be able to spend our summers in our daughter and son-in-law’s driveway, where we are also fortunate to have full hook-ups! The benefits of this arrangement far outweigh the few disadvantages. We love being so close to the grandkids and enjoy hearing them play in the yard and having their little knuckles knock on the door for a visit 🙂  We have enjoyed this set-up for the past three summers but this year we have a new adventure in store for us. Yesterday we left this view …

View from our living room window while parked in the driveway, not a great view but we can look out the window and see the grandkids playing 🙂

And twenty minutes later we had this view …

The new view from our living room window, and it will only get better once the trees grow leaves!

We are now camped at Bear Creek Provincial Park on Okanagan Lake near Kelowna, British Columbia. During his short life Maxx has spent a fair amount of time at this Provincial Park but this is the first time he has ever had full hook-ups here! Most BC Provincial Parks have no services so normally when we camp here it is dry camping, but for the next five months hubby and I are the Camp Hosts at Bear Creek PP which means we get the one site that has full hook-ups 🙂

Our site before we pulled in and hubby cleaned up the site.

We applied for this position around the beginning of February and were surprised to be offered the job a week later. This is one of the most popular parks in BC and it is always fully booked, well in advance, from mid May through early September. Since it is so close to Kelowna, and right on the lake, we thought it would be a popular choice for camp hosts and we normally see the same people in the position year after year. So we consider ourselves very lucky to have been offered the position this year!

Our duties are pretty simple, one of us needs to be available twenty to thirty hours a week to answer questions from campers and keep the pamphlet rack stocked, and that’s it! There are other things we can do to help out if we want and even some paid hours if we are interested, but at this point we were told to get ourselves comfortable, set up the site however we want, and just enjoy ourselves. On Thursday we are flying to Edmonton, Alberta to visit our two sons’ and their families and we won’t be back until the end of April so we will start our volunteer position then.

So to sum it up … we are able to spend the summer in a campground on the shores of Okanagan Lake, minutes from Kelowna and our family and friends, in a location our children spent weeks at a time every summer, and where you now need to make reservations long in advance and can only stay for a max of fourteen days, … yup it was a no brainer and we jumped at the chance!

Mostly set up, there are still a few things we want to do but that will wait until we are back from Edmonton.

Until next time …


6 thoughts on “New Digs :-)

  1. Wow! What a score! Looks great and the tasks don’t seem too onerous! Now bring on summer. It looks nicer there than here on Vancouver Island. We have been back 2 weeks now and it has rained EVERY DAY. Ugh.
    Enjoy Edmonton, and I look forward to reading all about the pros and cons for camp hosting.

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  2. Wow. We’ve talked to several people who’ve camp hosted and all of them have described a lot more responsibilities than that. You guys really lucked out! And it sounds like a great place to set up shop for a couple months. I’ll definitely be looking forward to hearing about your experiences It’s certainly something we would consider down the road.

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