We Are Home :-)

Our original plan was to spend two nights in Omak, WA and take a trip out to Winthrop yesterday, but the weather wasn’t cooperating. We woke up to heavy rain and decided we just wanted to get home, even though that meant arriving on a school day and perhaps interrupting schedules, but our daughter was okay with that.

Since it was raining hard yesterday and that makes for lousy pictures, I will give you a picture of the baby chicks I took at North 40 Outfitters the day before 🙂

I love stopping and chatting with the chicks on our way home every year 🙂

 Yesterday was the first travel day we have had in a long time were we didn’t need to set the GPS. In fact I think Maxx was pushing his truck buddy home as fast as he could!

We had a quick stop at the border with less than the usual questions, which we have heard was the case for several snowbirds who returned ahead of us.

  • How long have you been away?
  • Total value of goods you are bringing back?
  • Did you do any repairs to the RV?

Two hours later we were pulling into our daughter’s driveway and are now enjoying warm squeezy hugs and little fists knocking on Maxx’s door … yes we lead a good life!

Now that we are home I won’t be posting every day but I will try and do a blog every week. I will post our wrap up blog in the next few days and stay tune for a location change for us after Easter 🙂

Thanks for following along! 

Until next time …


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