One Step Closer :-)

It was a long drive yesterday so we had to get a very early start. Okay, really none of that is true … we had a slow morning, mainly because the Internet at the RV Park isn’t great and it took forever to open up my morning blogs! It was so slow that I didn’t even bother commenting on most.

We were on the road by 10:00 a.m. and by 11:00 a.m. we had pulled into Carl Precht RV Park in Omak, WA. We are now only three hours from home, and less than an hour from Canada 🙂

The reflections in the Columbia River were really pretty.

We can’t believe the fruit trees have not begun to bloom yet, but on the up side we haven’t missed the trees at home blooming ☺

We have one more place we want to visit and Omak is a good place to leave Maxx while we do that. Also there are a few items I need to stock up on before we cross the border and the Walmart in Omak is a good place for that.

After setting up we headed over to Walmart and stocked up on rubber gloves, tortilla shells, and those awesome color catchers that I can’t do laundry without! These are all things that I either can’t get the type I want at home, or in the case of the color catchers they don’t sell in Canada.

Until next time …


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