Chelan, WA

We spent last night in one of our favorite places, Chelan, WA. We usually spend at least one night here on our way south, and one our way north. For years when we were working we would come to Chelan on summer long weekends. I really can’t tell you why, the city just has a certain small town on the lake appeal to us. We are now only four hours from home, although it will take us another three days to get there 🙂

This was the first travel day home were the sun wasn’t out in full force 😦

If we had stayed on Highway 97 yesterday we would have driven over the last high, possibly snowy, part of our trip home. After hubby checked the road reports and the weather the other night he decided we would take a different, lower route that followed a rail line. It added a half hour to our trip, so it was a three-hour drive instead of two and a half … we can live with that.

At Ellensburg, WA we turned east onto I-90 and at George, WA we turned off I-90 onto SR 281N. Shortly after we turned off the interstate we saw a sign that said “Crop Names in Fence Line Next 10 Miles”. How awesome! During our travels hubby and I have both said that we wished farmers would post what type of crop they were growing and someone finally listened to us. We were treated to fields of red beans, different types of hay, grain corn, field corn, turf grass (that was a very pretty manicured field!), and cherry and apple orchards.

I only took one picture, I was having to much fun trying to identify the fields before the sign came along.

In Quincy, WA we turned onto SR 28 and headed into Wenatchee. That part of the route was new to us but we figured we were okay when all the semis turned as well, and it turned out to be a great route.

I think it is now safe to say the only real snow we will see on our trip home was either in real shady spots on the side of the road or on the mountains. Well except for the snow we had in Carson City, NV, but fortunately that wasn’t a travel day and it was gone before we went to sleep that night.

Once we arrived in the valley near Wenatchee we started to see many fruit orchards and grape vineyards. The cool thing about that is we will continue to see them all the way home … yup we are getting close to home!

And here is something I didn’t know … Highway 97 is the longest continuous north-south highway in North America. It runs from Weed, CA to Mile Zero of the Alaska Highway at Dawson Creek. Hubby and I have travelled it from Prince George, BC to Weed, CA and will some day do the rest up to Alaska. I, however, have actually done the entire highway, because when I was a kid my parents took us on a road trip to Alaska, so I feel pretty special!

Until next time …


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