We Finished The Ale Trail :-)

I realized I never told you what you would get if you participate in the Bend Ale Trail. Once you have ten stamps you can visit the Bend Visitor Centre and receive your Silipint glass. The Silipint isn’t really a glass, it’s a soft-sided pint “glass” and we use ours when we take a drink to the hot tub. If you collect sixteen stamps you can get a Silipint “glass” and a bottle opener. The bottle opener wasn’t important to us, because we have cool ones from our youngest son’s wedding, so we went for the ten stamps, because we wanted two more Silipints for guests 🙂

 We received our last two stamps at Goodlife Brewing and Crux Brewing. We had a fun time at Goodlife Brewing and while Crux Brewing was okay, it wasn’t anything new.

From our seats at the bar at Goodlife Brewery we could see into the brewery and aside from the beer vats we noticed a distillery. When we asked the bartender about it she told us that Goodlife also distills Vodka and she offered us a taste. The vodka, which is distilled under the label Backdrop Vodka, was so good! It was smooth and easy to drink and honestly if enjoyed vodka straight up in a glass, over ice, we totally would have bought a bottle … but that’s not us. We did, however, wangle a look at their German purchased distillery, which really looked pretty cool, … and we also learned that the owner of Goodlife Brewery has won many awards for his Vodka.

Hubby likes this picture because he thinks the distillery looks like some sort of Star Wars Alien.

 I had a couple of good questions on yesterday’s blog that I will try to give a concise answer to, however I am not a beer expert, so this is what I believe is true, based on what we have been told.

The first question was “What is a nitro beer”. Well a nitro beer is carbonated with about 70% nitrogen and 30% carbon dioxide, as opposed to a typical beer that is carbonated with 100% carbon dioxide; at least I believe it is 100% carbon dioxide.

Beer carbonated with nitrogen has a thick mouth feel. This effect is helped by a special piece of tap equipment known as a restrictor plate that forces the beer through tiny holes before it lands in the glass.  This process gives the beer the thick, rich, creamy head that you saw in yesterday’s picture of the Potato Stout.

The second question was “What is a growler”. A growler is a container used to take draft beer home with you. They come in 32oz or 64oz sizes and breweries will happily fill growlers from other breweries. Most craft breweries sell growlers and they all fill them at a very reasonable price and cheaper than buying their beer in a store. Beer in a growler will stay fresh for several days once opened, or longer if the growler is tightly sealed, remains unopened, and it’s kept chilled.

We generally carry two growlers with us, one is a Hydro Flask growler (a stainless steel growler similar to a thermos), the other was a glass growler … notice I said “was”. Yup that one fell out of our storage area after a particularly bumpy trip and is no longer with us 😦 fortunately it was empty. Our goal this trip was to pick up another Hydro Flask growler but most of them now have big handles on the side and will not fit into an RV fridge. We did finally find one at Boneyard Brewery the other day, which is why we had it filled with our favorite Boneyard beer.

Hopefully that answers your questions, but let me know if I am still confusing you, I do that a lot to people!

Until next time …

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