Goodbye Snow :-)

Our plan yesterday was to drive to Klamath Falls and spend the night at Walmart. The snow from Thursday was gone, the skies were blue, the roads were clear and dry, and it was a very pretty drive through three states. We started along Highway 395 in Nevada.

Shortly after we crossed into California along Highway 395.

Once again I forgot we were heading into California and I stocked up on veggies before we left Nevada, but once again we were waved through the Agriculture Inspection Station. We have only had to stop once in all our years of travel, so I’m really not sure why they have these stations … or maybe we just look so trustworthy … okay it’s probably not that!

We came across a field with at least twenty deer grazing but they were on hubby’s side of the truck, and he just wasn’t willing to duck down below the window so that I could take the picture!

As we were motoring along we realized we would arrived in Klamath Falls around 3:00 p.m. and decided it was to early, and to nice out, to sit in a parking lot for the rest of the evening. It wasn’t a hard decision to take a new route, bypass Klamath Falls, and head on to Bend, OR.

By early afternoon we had crossed over into Oregon and continued to follow Highway 395 and Highway 31 up to Highway 97.

Summer Lake, home to the Summer Lake Hot Springs which must be pretty hot because you can see the steam for a long way!

I was getting bored and trying to be artistic 🙂

Once we hit Highway 97 we always feel like we are near home, because it’s a straight trip up the highway to Kelowna, B.C. and home 🙂

We will spend the next three nights in Bend where I’m sure there will be a few visits to some craft breweries 🙂

Until next time …

8 thoughts on “Goodbye Snow :-)

  1. It does feel good to get closer to home but nice also to see you enjoying your time away. We feel the same way about parking lots, why rush to get there and stop when we could go further. 🙂

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