Yucky Day!

Before I get onto what happen yesterday let’s reminisce … remember the awesome shopping day we had on Wednesday?

The weather was beautiful and we were enjoying the signs of spring.

Well here is what happened on Thursday …

I really thought this year, because we were heading back so much later, that we would completely miss the snow. Apparently I was wrong! It snowed off and on most of the day, but in between the sun would come out and melt whatever was on the ground.

Today we are off to Klamath Falls, OR and will spend the night either at Walmart or a casino to the north of town.

Hopefully that’s the last we see of that yucky white stuff!

Until next time …

4 thoughts on “Yucky Day!

  1. As I’m reading blogs this afternoon, settled inside on a rainy day, more and more are talking about yukky days or unfortunate things. I guess we are all on our way home and at least these things didn’t happen during our beautiful winter south.


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