Carson City, NV

This year was an exception for us because we saw a lot of desert flowers and cacti blooming. Usually we don’t see any signs of spring flowers until we hit Carson City, NV, which is one of the reasons I like coming back this way.

Being the capital of Nevada, Carson City has an abundance of state buildings that are very pretty, especially in the spring.


We did our grocery shopping and then stopped at the Friggen Fox, which is now the Fox Brew Pub, for lunch (I liked the old name better :-)).

The day may have started off cool but once the sun came out it was warm, and it was a pretty view through the open door from the bar.

When we were in Henderson, Nevada we stopped at a Brew Pub for dinner and for a one-hour period they were giving away free beer from Lagunitas. Hubby and I aren’t one to pass up anything free so we gave it a try. Hubby wasn’t that fond of it but I didn’t mind it … and I’m not really a beer drinker. The beer has a real grapefruit aftertaste which reminded me a little of a Raddler that we can buy at home. When we had lunch yesterday they had the same beer on tap so I was able to try it again, and I liked it just as much … but not as much as the Chocolate Beer in Yuma and Lake Havasu 🙂

After lunch we walked along the main street and enjoyed the signs of spring.

     I saw this semi in the space across the road from us at the RV Park. I think it is pretty cool and it totally got me in the mood to watch Tuesday’s episode of The Voice 🙂

Until next time …


One thought on “Carson City, NV

  1. Love the flower photos. It’s weird to think that everyone back home is just starting to see some signs of life from the trees and flowers, while we who are lucky enough to be traveling in the south have been able to enjoy this lovely scenery for weeks! Also, Kevin LOVES that beer. I’ve never been a huge fan myself, but he swears by it.

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