The Jello Wiggled … Again :-)

Once we arrived in Bishop, CA the jello started wiggling! We spent all that time in Starbucks a few days ago planning a new route from Bishop because the weather along Highway 395 north was not looking good. When we double-checked the weather yesterday morning we found a window that would allow us to continue along Highway 395 and miss the snow.

There is more snow on the mountains than we have seen on our travels north in previous years, and we are a few weeks later than we usually are.

It’s was hard to believe we started Monday morning at 250 feet below sea level and less than twenty-four hours later we were at 8,138 feet above sea level!

These were two Sherriff semis from Los Angeles County … I wonder what they were going to pick up? They didn’t seem to care about the speed limit and were soon out of sight.

This was our preferred route because we wanted to spend some time in Carson City, NV. There is a Passport America park just south of Carson City for $20.00 a night and it has a hot tub, which hubby and I both love.

It began to feel like we were back on BC highways ☺

Shortly after noon we arrived at our RV Park. We had dry roads and sunny skies the whole way, so it was a good decision to go back to our original route.

Until next time …


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