Lake Mead Recreation Area

We just can’t seem to say goodbye to our awesome, free, spot at Lake Mead. Originally we were going to pull out on Thursday but we decided the weather was to nice and the views to pleasant so we stayed another night. Then Friday morning we decided we needed another day to figure out our trip home, so we stayed another night. Yesterday morning I was already to hit the road but I said to hubby “I am really going to miss this view” and it wasn’t much of a discussion before we were staying one more day 🙂  It really wasn’t a hard choice and there was some logic to our decision.

Our next stop is in Death Valley where the camping is first come first serve, and pulling in on a Saturday during Spring Break wasn’t really an optimal choice. So there was really very little convincing to stay here one more day and arrive in Death Valley on a Sunday morning when hopefully working parents would be heading home. Fingers crossed that it works out for us!

We haven’t had the amazing sunsets that Arizona treated us to, but the other night the clouds were highlighted when the sun went down.

The Lake Mead Recreation area is 1.5 million acres, filled with hiking trails, beautiful scenery and flowers, many paid campgrounds, a few free camping areas, and of course the well know Hoover Dam. We visited the Hoover Dam area a few years ago, you can read about it here and here, so we didn’t feel the need to go back this trip.

It amazes me how much the water level has drop in Lake Mead in the last fifteen years due to drought. Fifteen years ago we would have been parked at the edge of the water, now we are parked high above the water. We have views of land that fifteen years ago would have been underwater.

In this picture you can see how low the water is. The peninsula on the right used to be under water!

Fifteen years ago our mat would have been very close to the water.

The low levels of the lake haven’t stopped boaters, swimmers, and fishermen/women from climbing down to the shores and enjoying a day on the water.

I’m not sure where they are launching boats now because this boat launch no longer goes anywhere near the water!

It’s a good thing this boat launch is closed because it is a LONG, LONG way away from the lake!

Now I have to get busy packing up Maxx for his move to Death Valley … and yes we are definitely moving on today 🙂

Until next time …


5 thoughts on “Lake Mead Recreation Area

  1. Lake Mead looks nice, reminds me of Alamo State Park, AZ with the low water and only one boat ramp was open because of it. The bottom picture could be from Alamo. Safe travels to Death Valley!

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