Valley of Fire State Park

Located just outside of Lake Mead National Recreation Area is Valley of Fire State Park and entrance into the park is $10.00 a day.

Valley of Fire gets its name from the red sandstone formations formed 150 million years ago from shifting sand dunes.

The main road through the park is 10.5m, 16.9km but there are several sides road you can also travel on.

This formation is called Seven Sisters.

Along Fire Canyon Road you can see the change in the rock from white to red which is caused by small quantities of iron that create rust like stains.

I love how precise the change in color is on this rock face!

It is amazing how the colors change as the sky changes!

Valley of Fire State Park is a popular location for filming automobile commercials as well as movies and TV Shows. Viva Las Vegas (1963), The Professional (1966) and remains of this set can be seen along the White Domes Trail, Total Recall (1990), and Star Trek: Generation (1994), were all filmed at this park.

Hubby loved this rock formation, can you see the face?

An awesome day, I’m so happy we made it here!

Until next time …

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