Lake Mead

With having to replace one of our tires, which caused us to make a few trips up to Henderson, NV, we have now driven NV163 five times and it still impresses me with its beauty. The highway climbs through a rocky pass that is covered in desert flowers right now.

The weather at the beginning of our drive yesterday wasn’t as nice as the other day but the beauty along NV163 was still there.

There were sunny spots. The hills are covered in flowering brittlebush.

And some not so sunny spots but still striking beauty.

Really we are in the desert??? This looks like farmland in the prairies to me! It’s just a field of creosote instead of canola … and they both bloom yellow flowers 🙂

Less than two hours later we were set up at Lake Mead … can you believe we have this view for free!

The skies cleared and now we have nothing but blue sky 🙂

We have a National Parks Pass so we didn’t have to pay to enter the park, otherwise it would have been $20.00 for seven days. You can boondock in this area for up to fifteen days.

Until next time …


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