Riverside RV Resort

Now that the weather has warmed up and temperatures are into the low to mid 90sF (around 35C) we were looking for a location with hook-ups because I need it to be cool to sleep at night, which means running the air conditioner.

We also have to start heading north and slowly begin our trip back to British Columbia. Hubby was looking for RV Parks along our planned route and came across Riverside RV Resort in Laughlin, Nevada, and they had a great deal on! For $109.00 we are here for the week with full hook-up and four free breakfast buffets at the casino. Now I’m not a big fan of buffets because I don’t eat enough to make the price worth it … or, lets be serious, I eat too much because I think I have to get my monies worth:-)  But free buffets work out great, I don’t feel pressured to eat to much and hubby can have a big breakfast, a win win.

View, from our table at the buffet, of the Colorado River and Bullhead City on the other side of the river. All of today’s pictures were taken with the little camera from my swim bag so the quality isn’t that great.

The sites are pretty normal for most RV Parks, some are nicer than others, we of course are in the cheap seats but our site is okay.


Aquarius Casino in the background.

The row our site is on.

The pool area is in the casino/hotel complex, which is an easy walk or you can take the shuttle, and we have spent a few enjoyable afternoons there 🙂

Until next time …


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