Tortilla Flat

We were surprised about the size of the town of Tortilla Flat. When we heard about it at the hot tub it was described as an old western town that was worth a visit. It is an old western town but the word town makes it sound bigger than it is, the entire town consists of four buildings on one side of Highway 88.

Entering town from the east side.

Tortilla Flat has a population of 6 and is considered the smallest “official” community in Arizona. The town consists of a Saloon, Country Store, Mercantile (that also houses the post office), and a small museum.

There were a lot of people waiting to get into the Saloon so we made that our first stop. Once our name was on the list, and we were given our little coaster thingy that flashes when your table is ready, we wandered around the rest of town.

Tortilla Flat was a thriving stagecoach stop over a hundred years ago. Travelers and freight wagons stopped overnight on the journey to Roosevelt Dam. In 1904 Tortilla Flat had a population of 125 residents who lived in tent style cabins. In it’s heyday the town had a school, church, small zoo, livery stable, general store, saloon, café, motel, and a US Post Office. In 1943 most of the town was destroyed by flood.


General Store

Inside the General Store where the walls are covered in money.

And then our coaster thingy went off and we headed back to the saloon for lunch. We had a great lunch, with very reasonable prices, and really enjoyed the atmosphere!

Every available spot was covered in money … hubby thinks it’s the owners retirement savings ☺

The bar stools where saddles.

On our way back from Tortilla Flat we stopped at a Ghost Town, stay tune for pictures of that tomorrow.

Until next time …


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