The Large “Worms” Are Out :-( (And There Are No Worm Pictures In This Blog!)

Our family and close friends know I am terrified of large “worms”, and thanks for that word Navigator 🙂  In our family we have always called them pigs because pigs can eat them and get rid of them. If there was a large “worm” in our yard the kids would tell me “Mom there is a pig in the backyard” and I would know not to go outside. (A note from Hubby: In case you are still wondering, my wife is referring to snakes and believe me when I say I have never seen anyone more terrified of these creatures in my life so writing a blog about “worms” is a large step forward)

Anyway as we got back to the parking lot after our hike up Superstition Mountain the other day a young girl yelled “Dad, look there is a large “worm” right here!”. Hubby looked over at me and knew instantly that our days of hiking down here were over for the year. I go on the theory that they are asleep during the winter so hiking is okay, but now that it has warmed up significantly they are waking up and hiking is definitely not okay for me. As long as I don’t see one I’m okay, so if we are ever together and you see one and I don’t please don’t share your sighting with me.

The odd time a blogger has put a picture of a large “worm” in their blog my computer usually comes very close to getting thrown across the room but so far I have managed to resist. I quickly shut the lid and hubby later opens it up and closes down the blog 🙂

But enough about that creepy stuff, I’m shivering just writing this blog! The jello has wiggled again and instead of heading up to Lake Havasu for a week of boondocking we have decided to stay in Apache Junction until Sunday. The RV park we are in has really cheap rates for March and now we are at the point were it is to warm to sleep at night without air-conditioning and that is the only thing our solar panels will not run. On Sunday we will head up to Laughlin for a week, were hubby found another great deal on an RV Park, and then it will be time to start watching the weather and begin making our way home.

I received a text from our daughter last night asking when we would be home and when I told her she responded with “sooner would be better”. It sure is nice to be loved and missed 🙂

I will leave you with a picture totally unrelated to the topic of this blog … believe me you will never see a picture of a large “worm” on this blog!

But you can count on lot’s of flower pictures 🙂

Until next time …

9 thoughts on “The Large “Worms” Are Out :-( (And There Are No Worm Pictures In This Blog!)

  1. Prefer the flower pictures to the worms any day. I think we chose the right time also to leave the desert and its trails. I’m ever watchful when I walk but it has always been in my mind that it is too cold.

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  2. Where will you stay in Laughlin? We are in Ridgeview at Bullhead City, right across from the casinos. Here until the 21st if you wanted to connect that might be nice. 🙂

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  3. I can relate. I had a close call with a ‘worm’ on a trail last April which has turned me into a skeptical hiker as the weather warms. I love it when our children ask when we’re getting back. Safe travels north!

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  4. Same situation in our home. The one and only time there was a chance of Sylvia seeing a reptile that slithers I stopped the line of hikers and had her step waaaay off the trail on the far side. Meanwhile I took pictures and posted them on the blog, so don’t go searching our history. 😈


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