Better Weather … I Hope!

We have had some not so great weather during our time in the Phoenix area but I think after Monday and Tuesday’s rain we are moving onto better weather.

This is what we saw, when we looked out the window, for most of Tuesday morning but by early afternoon it had stopped and the skies started to clear.

After another long drive on Wednesday, an hour, we arrived in Apache Junction. Driving Miss Murphy had found a deal on a week’s stay at Lost Dutchman RV Resort when they were at the Good Sam Rally so we called in and managed to get the same deal. They moved here on Monday for a week and we arrived yesterday for a week. I do feel bad though, we lucked out with a really big spot and they were given a very tight spot, but they have a better view than we do!

Big site but pretty open. I asked to be close to the hot tub and we are less than a block away so we are happy

We are looking forward to touring the area, visiting the swap meet, and hopefully getting in some hiking.

Until next time …


10 thoughts on “Better Weather … I Hope!

  1. We’ve been happy to be in south this winter, rather than the freezing and/snowy east, but it’s definitely been a mixed bag as far as weather goes. One week sunny and blue skies, the next rainy, gray, and a tornado or two. 😱 Always an adventure.

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    • As long as we don’t see snow, except when we fly home for Christmas when I really want snow, we can live with the weather. And at least we haven’t had a tornado… although the winds are whipping today!


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