A Long Drive

We needed to be out of our site at the Phoenix International Raceway by 11:00 a.m., which worked out well because we couldn’t check into our new site until 11:00 a.m. Despite all the carrying on I have been doing about our long drive today, it really was no more than twenty minutes and we were at our new site … now that is a good travel day 🙂

Our original plan was to go boondocking outside of Sedona but the weather still hasn’t improved in that area and camping in the snow isn’t our idea of fun. So instead we decided to spend another two nights near Surprise, AZ. This will give us the opportunity to meet up with my cousin from Prince George, B.C. who is down visiting my aunt for the week.

An added benefit to spending two nights at this park is the abundance of fruit trees. We stocked up on oranges, grapefruit, and lemons when we were here a month ago, but now it’s time to stock up again.

I had a funny text conversation with my daughter yesterday …

Me – “A Sad day in Phoenix, I’ve had my winter coat on all day.”

Daughter – “Haha, that’s is sad! Of course it’s probably just 15C or something lol.”

Me – now thinking she has probably got me there and maybe it really is sad that I’m wearing my winter jacket. A quick check of the temperature gage on the truck shows it is actually 17C which is really pretty warm, yup now I feel like a schmuck. Especially when she informs me it’s -10C at home, I definitely picked the wrong person to complain to 🙂

When we arrived back at Maxx after grocery shopping I looked outside and decided to quit being negative about the weather because really it was what I think is the perfect hot tub weather!

We are close to the hot tub and it’s raining and I really miss sitting out in our hot tub at home in the rain so that is what we did after dinner last night.

Until next time …


3 thoughts on “A Long Drive

  1. On the weekend we visited with friends down from Ontario. Eight of us were sitting on the edge of the desert watching the sunset. The visitors were in short and T-shirts, and the more seasoned snowbirds were in long pants and jackets. Yes, they shamed us for being poor examples of the Canadian image, so I can understand your daughter not giving you any sympathy.

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  2. We weren’t too bad the first month in the south but are feeling the cold more than we ever have.
    People at the GSR commented this was the worst winter they had seen in twenty years.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Hot Tub!

    It’s about time.

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