WooHoo I Won!

And no Six Saturdays and a Sunday unfortunately I did not win the Camping World Shopping Spree, or a new RV 🙂 But on to what I did win …

On Saturday night hubby and the Driving Miss Murphy gang headed down to the BBQ Competition with the hope of getting dinner before the concert … it didn’t work out so well for them, but fortunately it meant they were at the concert for the opening remarks by the MC. I, on the other hand, stayed back at the RV and had a salad for dinner and then walked down to the concert to meet up with the gang. I arrived and hubby, with a big smile on his face, pointed to my chair … I had won a $1,200 RV package with Fantasy RV Tours to the Albuquerque Balloon Festival next October 🙂 🙂

Hubby and I have always wanted to go to this festival, which has been going on since 1972 and is the largest balloon festival in the world. Plus as an added bonus, Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico are places on my bucket list and now I will get to see both.

Attending the festival will mean leaving home around the end of September instead of our usual departure date of just after Canadian Thanksgiving, but we just can’t pass up this opportunity! Have no doubt there may be a blog or two about this trip in your future.

Today we are leaving Phoenix International Raceway and the Good Sam Rally behind and making the long drive to our next destination but more about that tomorrow.

I will leave you with some pictures of the fireworks from the show on Saturday night.


Until next time …

12 thoughts on “WooHoo I Won!

      • People around us do seem to win all the time. Just last night at our table for the Hiking Club potluck, one couple won the grand prize of an excellent hiking backpack, and the other couple won $227 in the 50/50 draw. I won some Lip Balm…….

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      • Well you won something, hopefully the next win is a doozie! We got a deal on a week at an RV Park in Apache Junction so we are headed there on Wednesday, are you guys in that area?


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