More On The Good Sam Rally

Today is the last day of the Good Sam Rally and so far we have enjoyed ourselves. We had pretty much looked at all the RVs and exhibits on day one, but somehow we have managed to keep ourselves entertained.

How can you not enjoy a show surrounded by desert and palm trees!

On day two we checked out a few RVs we had missed the first day, hubby attended a few seminars on solar panels and lithium batteries, and we caught the end of a concert by the Swingtips.

Yesterday hubby and I were eating breakfast when we heard the unmistakable sounds of cars on the racetrack … could there really be a practice going on? This was, after all, an RV show not a race weekend, but they were still running when we finished breakfast so off to the track we went. As I told my daughter what do two race fans do when they are at an RV rally and they have seen all the RVs and exhibits, of course they watch the practice!

Now I’m no expert on NASCAR, hubby and I followed the Indy car series, but I believe these are either NASCARS and/or NASCAR Xnfinity Series cars.

Kyle Busch’s car, and my favorite of all the NASCARS. I really love the paintjob 🙂

We did have a little excitement when one of the cars spun out, fortunately missing any contact with the wall.

I think this is Sam Hornish Jr’s car from the Xfinity Series.

We spent two hours watching the practice before we headed back to Maxx for lunch and then hubby attended another seminar while I sat in the sun and read my book.

A small section of RVs on display taken from the Racetrack stands.

After dinner we attended a concert by The Real Tones, which was good and then enjoyed the fireworks. Oh, and I also won something but this post is getting long enough so more about that tomorrow 🙂

Until next time …

7 thoughts on “More On The Good Sam Rally

  1. Never hurts to have a little extra excitement thrown in, eh? On our way south, Bill and I stopped overnight at a Sam’s Club parking lot and around 5 pm old classic cars rolled in for a Cruise Night. It was nice to have that on a night when we would have been stuck inside.

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