Catching Up With Friends and Relatives

Sunday afternoon we headed over to Sun City West, Arizona (a suburb of Phoenix and not far from where we were staying) to spend some time with friends from home. We have been friends with K&K since our children were babies. The kids grew up together, we camp together, spend many happy hours and dinners together, and most importantly shared all the highlights and lowlights of life with each other. So when our plans changed and we ended up in Phoenix a week earlier than planned we were thrilled that we would have the opportunity to visit. K&K are here for the week visiting with Mrs. K’s sister and brother-in-law B&G, who we have also know for many years. B&G are renting a house in Sun City West for three weeks and it was interesting to see the area.

Can you tell we were having fun? Mr. K asked if he had to smile for this picture 🙂

We had so much fun, and it sure was great to spend time with friends from home, it felt like we were back home having one of our usual visits 🙂

On Monday we picked up my cousin from the Phoenix airport, drove him to my Aunt’s place, and spent the afternoon catching up. We haven’t seen him in almost twenty years so there was a lot to catch up on.

The rain has finally stopped, but it sure did come down!

The water was running down the street like a rive, ran into this rocky area and down through the golf course to a large pool. I didn’t get a picture of the pool because it was too wet.

This picture was taken less than twenty-four hours later, it didn’t take long to return to dry rocks, and the pool to empty, once the rain stopped!

Until next time …


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