Life in Phoenix

I wish I could say I have enjoyed my time in Phoenix so far, but I can’t. It has been a very emotional time, my uncle passed away Wednesday evening. His injuries were very severe and I am relieved that he is no longer in pain. I also suspect that he and my Dad are having a rootin tootin good time in heaven so that is what I am focusing on.

When we tried to find a place to stay in Phoenix last Tuesday it was hard, everywhere close to the Trauma Centre was fully booked. I did finally find a place in Goodyear called Cotton Lane Resort and Golf Course which sounded nice and the location was good … and more importantly they could fit us in for eight nights.

Well I have to say, other than the location, we are not overly impressed. The first spot they gave us was on the corner at the entrance to the park. The space was built up so much in the back that our front jacks would have been way up in the air, no that wasn’t going to work. The second space they gave us backs up to the brick wall along West Van Buran so it is very noisy, but it is level and very large, plus it looks over to the golf course in front so all in all it is a better site. We just keep the windows closed and use the air-conditioning so the noise isn’t that bad. The sites have no landscaping; just a wide expanse of gravel and the golf course only has four holes. I’m not a golfer, but I don’t think that is considered a golf course J I do have to say the park is very clean and not overly expensive, the Good Sam rate is about $30.00 a night, which is not bad for Phoenix, and the weekly rate is even better. The clubhouse and pool are also very clean. We haven’t used the hot tub because it is indoors; we prefer to look at the stars when we are in the hot tub … the pool is also indoors which again isn’t my favorite. There is no free Wi-Fi at the sites but the clubhouse has strong fast Wi-Fi. Really as RV Parks go, it’s not a bad one, it just lacks the ambiance of the RV Park we usually stay in when we are in Phoenix.

We will be here until next Wednesday when we head over to Phoenix International Raceway for the Good Sam Rally.

Until next time …


12 thoughts on “Life in Phoenix

  1. Our condolences for the loss of your uncle. When we lose a loved one our only option is remember the memories and think of them joining others who have passed before them. Maybe he’ll meet up with my dad too!


  2. Maxx, I am so sorry to hear this very sad news. I am glad that you had a chance to visit with your aunt and uncle in happier times and that you were able to get to Phoenix to help your aunt in this awful time for her. There has been too much hospital time in our lives this year, hasn’t there?

    Take care of yourself, Maxx.


    • Yes I can honestly say I don’t want to see the inside of a hospital for a long time, and I’m sure you are feeling the same way. Thanks for your wishes and here’s to no more hospitals for a long while 😊


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