The Jello Wiggled

We said our sad farewells to Tucson yesterday. We had come to the end of the seven-day maximum stay limit at Gilbert Ray so we had to move on, but we will miss this place 🙂

Coming over the top of Gates Pass Road. Definitely worth a drive on this road, but don’t bring your RV!

Our plan was to head to Lake Havasu for the Pyrotechnics Show on the weekend but a look at the weather forecast changed our minds. Rain and clouds were forecasted and we were not sure if they would be able to set off the fireworks in the rain, so we will save that adventure for next year.

That left us with some time to kill before we meet up with friends in Phoenix for the Good Sam Rally next week. We tossed around several ideas but kept coming back to Yuma for a few reasons. The main one is hubby’s cousin and his wife are there for a few days and we won’t have a chance to see them again before we head home in the spring. The other reason was the great boondocking so close to the city and lets face it, Yuma is our winter home since we generally spend three months there.

Well I had written the above part before we left Tucson but as we were driving to Yuma the jello really wiggled, and not in a good way 😦  Just before we hit Gila Bend on I-8 I received an email from my cousin that let me know my uncle was in the hospital in Phoenix. My aunt and uncle have lived in Surprise, Arizona for at least twenty years and we always stop to see them when we are in the area, which would have been next week. Unfortunately my uncle was in a serious car accident and is not expect to survive, so once again our plans changed and we are now in Phoenix. We will stay here for the next two weeks.

Until next time …


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