Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum – Take Two :-)

Since we were so close to the Desert Museum we decided another visit was in order. At one point I was thinking it was probably a waste of $41.00 dollars because it seemed better the last time we were there. Sometimes you just shouldn’t revisit a place as it is never as good as the first time, but in this case I was wrong. After three and a half hours we finally left and we really could have spent a lot more time there! Our first visit was two years ago, and you can read about it here.

On this visit we manage to catch the morning Raptor’s In Flight show. By the time we arrived we were way at the back and it was hard to get pictures, although sometimes that’s a blessing because I was able to focus on watching and listening.

I was lucky enough to get a picture of a Great Horn Owl and I do love owls 🙂

We have come across many Brittle Bush while hiking in the desert and I was finally able to see one in bloom.

Brittle Bush is often used in incense.

On this visit we were also able to see more of the animals. The other day when we were hiking hubby saw a coyote but I wasn’t able to see him or get a picture. Perhaps we could just pretend that I got this picture when we were hiking instead of at the museum 🙂

Although I wouldn’t want to be this close to a coyote again (and believe me you don’t want to know that story), so I’m glad it wasn’t the one hubby saw when we were hiking.

Once again we enjoyed our time in the Hummingbird Aviary but there were not as many as our last visit.

Hummingbird Nest

Other than ducks and pigeons, which are plentiful at home, the only bird we saw in the bird aviary was what I think is a Northern Cardinal.

There were not as many flowering plants this time but I did come across a new to me plant that was very pretty.

Scarlet Sage

We did spend a lot of time at the Big Horn Sheep pen. They were pretty active so they were fun to watch. These animals are on loan to the Desert Museum but they remain the property of the state of Arizona.

I also found the saguaro cacti exhibit interesting, especially where they showed the different ages of the cacti. Saguaro cacti grow slowly but I didn’t realize it was this slow! Not a great picture but hopefully you can see the different sizes and ages.

As we were heading out we walked by an agave plant just starting to bloom. Once an agave blooms the plant dies so it is kind of bittersweet to see one in bloom.

Yes definitely worth a second visit 🙂

Until next time …


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