A Great Hike

Yesterday I picked up a map of the trails around the campground and we set off on a hike. We chose a combination of four trails that would take us in a loop back to the campsite, but it didn’t work out that way. Unlike most parks, it appears most of the trails in Tucson Mountain Park are not marked. We finally came across what we thought was Well Road Trail and head down it.

We walked, and walked, and walked, and never did come across the connecting trails that would take us in a loop, so we finally turned back … but it didn’t matter, the scenery was worth the walk 🙂

This saguaro has a face!


We came across many barrel cacti ripe with fruit. Barrel cacti produce fruit in the winter and the fruit is edible. Hubby did try a taste and said it was sweet but not something he would take home.


As we continued on and we found a picture perfect Saguaro.

And many other pretty views …


On our way back we did come across a pile of rocks notating one of the trails back to the campground so we headed that way. The trail eventually ended at a road but we could see Maxx in the distance so we crossed the road and headed home across the desert. A very enjoyable two hours!


Until next time …


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