Gilbert Ray Campground

Our whole purpose in heading to Tucson was to try and get a site at the Gilbert Ray Campground near the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum. This is a county campground located in Tucson Mountain Park and surrounded by desert. The campground operates on a first come first serve basis and of course winter is their busy time. We left Ajo just before 8:00 a.m., an hour later than I wanted to leave, but probably an hour before hubby would have wanted to leave … life is about compromises:-)  We had a brief stop at a Border Patrol Checkpoint, where they looked inside Maxx for the first time, but after commenting on what a nice unit it was, they sent us on our way. We arrived at the campground just after 10:00 a.m. and were fourth in line for a spot and all of the units in front of us were our size or bigger. Fortunately we manage to snag the last large unit spot, and I think we got one of the better sites in the park.


Our view behind

Each site has power and costs only $20.00 a night, you must pay by cash or cheque, no credit cards and there is a seven-day limit. A quick trip over Gates Pass Road puts us in Tucson. If we hadn’t made friends at our RV Park in Yuma the first year we started our travels I would definitely spend most of our time in Tucson, it is by far my favorite Southern Arizona city. Every time we come here we find plenty to do!

Until next time …


11 thoughts on “Gilbert Ray Campground

  1. We camped at Gilbert Ray CG the year it snow there. It was awesome. The Accenture Golf Tournament was delayed and they had to shovel the greens. Poor Tiger Woods – he did not play well. Glad you managed to snag a site. Should you visit the Desert Sonoran Museum be sure and attend “Raptors in Flight”. The show in the morning vs. the afternoon showcase different birds.

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    • I can’t believe it snowed! I guess we should stop laughing about the “Ice on Road” signs! We are going to go to the Desert Museum again because we enjoyed it so much the first time we were there a few years ago. Last time we missed the raptor show so fingers crossed we get to see it this time 😊


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