Ajo Wrap Up

We are now in Tucson, AZ but I still had a few pictures left from Ajo that I wanted to post.

 Last Sunday we went to the Immaculate Conception Church for mass. The nice thing about going to a Catholic mass is it doesn’t matter if you can’t understand what is being said, you still know your part because it’s the same no matter where you go … and that was good in this case, because the priest had a heavy African accent and we couldn’t understand him. Our mass ended with a special blessing for congregation members, who had birthdays in February, coming up to the alter for a special blessing. I have never seen that before, I think it is one of the nice things about living in a small community 🙂

I don’t like to post pictures of unknown people in my blog but I was unable to get a picture of the inside of the church any other way. You can’t really see their faces so hopefully they will forgive me.

During our numerous drives over the Scenic Loop Trail I admired some of the houses.

Awesome art on the outside of this house!

This house caught my attention every time we passed so we stopped to get a picture; it was then that I noticed the house was for sale.

The House

What I think is the garage and studio

I looked up the listing and this is what it had to say, “This unique home, studio, and garage sit on 37.98 acres. The quietness, flora, fauna, and view make it worth the $300,000 asking price”. If I were going to live in Ajo all winter this is where is would be!

At the end of the road where we were camped we could see an old water tank and wondered what brought it to be there. Near the end of our stay I read in some pamphlet that we were camped on the old Cameron Ranch. The Cameron family was one of the original homesteaders in the area.

The original water tank.

And Maxx on my way back from the water tank. The weather doesn’t look nice but I can assure you it was warm 😊

And today I will leave you with a picture of the group from Bloggerfest 2017 that we just received.  It was a fun event and I would encourage you to attend it next year if you are a blogger, it will be held around mid January in Quartzite.


Until next time …


5 thoughts on “Ajo Wrap Up

  1. Looks like you have found some lovely spots. Not thinking we r going to make it to Havasu but the others are going. Take care.


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