Ajo Historical Society Museum

We spent some time touring the museum in Ajo.

The museum is located in what was once St. Catherine’s Indian Mission.

The Ajo Historical Society was founded in 1975 and the museum was opened in 1976. They do no charge an admission fee but do gratefully accepted donations.

The parking lot has several displays of old mining equipment.

This was a freight wagon used from 1900 to 1916.

As you walk in the main doors of the church there are displays of old equipment, a barber shop, and some room set-ups.

I particularly enjoyed looking at displays of clothing from the time.

These alcoves were originally made to hold statues of Catholic Saints in the original church.

I didn’t take any more pictures because everything became jumbled together but it was really interesting wandering around and reading the stories.

The museum is definitely worth a visit!

I will leave you with this picture our daughter sent us yesterday of the family trying to get out of the house for work and school … sure glad we are in Arizona where the weather is in the mid 70F, 24C, and for the most we have blue sunny skies 🙂

Our winters at home usually don’t produce this must snow, but if they do it generally happens in February!

Until next time …


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