Ajo Scenic Loop Road

The Scenic Loop Road is a popular drive for visitors to Ajo as it takes them from town, through the Sonora Desert, and back into town. We are camped along the first part of this road and normally when we go into town we head back to the highway, but not anymore! We finally took a left turn out of our campsite and followed the rest of the Scenic Loop Road and it’s a much nicer route into town. As you get to the first junction of Bates Well Road on the left and Scenic Loop Road on the right there is a large sign.

These signs are common around this area … but remember, smugglers and illegal immigrants don’t want to be seen so they will travel at night and stay out of sight!

As I mentioned in previous blogs we are very close to the Mexican border and we do see a lot of Border Patrol Vehicles go by. I think they usually go up Bates Well Road, which goes directly down to the Mexican border; we veered off to the right. And in case you are worried about us, I consider the large presence of Border Patrol comforting and we feel very safe where we are!

The gravel road is in good condition and could easily be traversed by car.

We saw this a few days ago when we first arrived and wondered what it was. It is a wellhead used for testing ground water for contamination from the mine.

The views were very pretty!

I saw this cactus out in the distance and he reminded me of a monster in a cartoon movie 🙂

Even thought the bulk of the Organ Pipe Cacti population is within the boundaries of the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, there are plenty along this loop as well.

Still very pretty as we continued along.


On the left is The Pillar, which sits back against the east face of North Ajo Peak and to the right is Wind Swept Rock. We have also heard of Wind Swept Rock called Cow Pie.

And when you get close it does look like a big cow pie 🙂

As we neared the town of Ajo we came around the backside of A Mountain, whose official name is Camelback Mountain.

Shortly after we were back on paved road with the town of Ajo lying below us.

The first hill that you see as you look at the horizon is actually disbursements from the old mine, but they don’t look that bad!

Until next time …


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