Blogger-Fest 2017

Hubby was reading one of his daily blogs and came across a mention of Blogger-Fest. We had briefly talked about it last year but we had other places to be at the time it was being held. This year our plans are more flexible so we left Phoenix Saturday morning and headed back to Quartzite for the night. This time we set up at the Hi Jolly BLM land area. It’s a nice area but far more units than where we usually park off Dome Rock Road.

We had a nice view the next morning once three units left … too bad we were also leaving ☺

After we set up we packed up an appie, some drinks, our chairs, and many business cards and headed over to South La Posa LTVA area. We arrived at 2:00 p.m., the event went from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. so unfortunately we missed most of the introductions but we did get to hear some of them and met almost everyone else after the formal introductions.

We met many really nice people and can’t wait to start following their blogs but, Kelsi and Teresa you will appreciate this, we were surprised to meet Croft. We have followed Croft’s blog for at least four years now, after first hearing about it on Kelsi’s blog We RV Fulltime. Kelsi and Teresa A Life Made Simple both refer to Croft as Mexi Croft so that is how I think of him. So off I go to introduce myself and say “Hi, are you Mexi Croft?”, after a brief pause he smiles and says “That’s what Kelsi calls me” 🙂  He was just as entertaining in person as he is on his blog!

We spent a fair amount of time speaking with Sue of A Place Called Away and Pat and Harold who told us about the Fireworks Show in Lake Havasu in mid February. Since we don’t have any firm plans for that time period hubby and I are going to head back to Lake Havasu and check it out.

After Blogger-Fest we stopped at Silly Al’s for pizza. We had first heard about Silly Al’s on Croft’s blog a few weeks ago and all during our time in Quartzite the parking lot has been crammed full of vehicles so today we thought we should give it a go. We arrived just after 4:30 and were seated almost right away. The place was packed, as was the parking lot, and we got in just in time because after us there was a line-up. It did take a bit of time for our pizza to arrive but we had a good time people watching and the pizza was good so it was worth the wait!

Today we are headed off to Ajo, Arizona. I’m not sure how our Internet will be so I may not be posting daily blogs.

Until next time …


6 thoughts on “Blogger-Fest 2017

  1. Ajo is such a fun place. If you haven’t been there before, make sure you stop at the Visitor Center to get the map of the walking tour. The town isn’t big but the walking tour really makes everything come to life. If you happen to see that the Mine Overlook Museum is open, make sure you stop. The gentleman that runs it worked in the mine his whole career and lived in Ajo. He is a wealth of information. We had a great time. I hope you are heading to Organ Pipe NM, as well!! A beautiful park!

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  2. Happy belated Birthday!!! I’m really enjoying your blog and looking forward to seeing you when you return. Chuck and I just got back from Puerto Vallarta; we had a great holiday and its good to be home, but Burrr! Take care! Traci

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