So Phoenix Isn’t That Bad :-)

We woke up yesterday morning to warm weather and sunny blue skies and that probably put both hubby and I in a better mood than the last few days! We took a walk around the RV Park, chatted with people, and picked fresh lemons, grapefruits, and oranges off the many trees. The resort has fruit trees between each site and you are free to pick whatever you can use. Often annual renters will pick ripe fruit off the trees and leave them in a box at the end of their site for whoever wants them.

Lemon Tree

Orange Tree that we looked at outside our windows 😊

Fruits of our labour 😊

We have stayed at Destiny RV Resort twice now, the first time was last year when we went to the NASCAR races and it was a convenient location for that. We choose it again this year because it was close to the Gila Arena, Costco, and other shopping. Really if you are staying in Phoenix you are shopping in your local area not driving an hour away to a restaurant … and two and half hours back in rush hour with an accident!

So I apologize Phoenix, you really are not a bad city 🙂

Until next time …


6 thoughts on “So Phoenix Isn’t That Bad :-)

    • What RV Park is that? I may make juice and freeze it with the lemons, but hubby will go through the oranges and grapefruits before I get a chance 😊 Unfortunately I’m allergic to citrus fruit, so other than using the lemon on my salmon, the other fruit is off limits 😞 What park did you stay in when you were in Tucson?


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